Tree and Shrub Seedling Giveaway: Saturday, May 23rd, 2020 @ 10:00 am – Noon – Pool Shelter

Tree and shrub seedlings from Erie County Soil & Water will be available at no cost to Craneridge residents Saturday, May 23 from 10a-noon at the pool. This will be on a first come, first served basis. We will be limiting the number of seedlings each household can take in an effort to ensure all who want them can get some. However, it is recommend that you arrive sooner than later as they typically go quickly.

Please respect social distancing guidelines so that everyone can pick out their seedlings safely and efficiently.

Update to the Nominees for Open Board Positions

There will be (4) Board positions open and we have six (6) Nominees. To VOTE, please attend the Annual Meeting on June 13, 2020. Information posted in a previous post.

Nominees for the Open Board Positions:
(* indicates incumbent)

Rich Barber*
Cory Bowen*
Kelly Campbell
Dennis Donner
Leslie Hornung
David Spillman*

May 2020 Newsletter!

The May 2020 Edition is out now, with timely information about the budget, assessment, board nominees for the next board election and the next Annual Members Meeting.

The Newsletter will be printed and mailed out to residents this week, but in the meantime, please check-out the PDF version on-line now!
Craneridge Newsletter May 2020

Also, please consider signing-up to receive the Newsletter via e-mail only. By utilizing electronic communications, the HOA will save money otherwise spent on postage and copies.

Please go here to sign-up for the e-mail only Newsletter:

NOTE: Craneridge will protect your privacy and never provide your email to third parties or include your address on mass email distributions.

ANNUAL Members MEETING DATE: Saturday, June 13th, 2020 @ 10:00 am – Pool Shelter


Saturday, June 13th – 10 am @ Pool Shelter

This meeting provides you with the opportunity to hear updates on the activities of the Association as well as elect new Board Members. There will be (4) Board positions open.  To VOTE, please attend the Annual Meeting @ the Pool Shelter (or by Proxy). You can download a generic Proxy form here (give to member who will be attending the meeting):

Nominees for the Open Board Positions:
(* indicates incumbent)

Rich Barber*
Cory Bowen*
Kelly Campbell
Dennis Donner
Leslie Hornung
David Spillman*

: The Annual Meeting date is contingent on the governmental recommendations and social distancing guidelines. If the Board determines that we need to reschedule the Annual Meeting, it will be posted on the Craneridge Website Blog and announced on Nextdoor.

Next Board Meeting: Monday, May 4 @ 6:45 pm – Online Meeting

NOTE: We will request that any public comments or questions that would have been presented in the Public Comment section of our meeting be e-mailed to Jeff Randall in advance of the meeting. Your comments will be read to the board during the online meeting. These comments will be recorded in our minutes.

Meeting Agenda- Craneridge Board of Directors
Monday, May 4, 2020
6:45 pm at ONLINE

  1. Public Comments (e-mails read by Jeff)
  2. Minutes of April Meeting
  3. President’s Report
  4. Vice President’s Report
  5. Secretary’s Report
  6. Treasurer’s Report
  7. Executive Secretary’s Report
  8. Committee Reports
  9. Old Business:

     – Garbage
    – 28 Ridge
    – 19 Ridge
    – N32 Woodstock
    – Election (BOD members)

  10. New Business:

      – Annual Meeting
    – Executive Session
    – BOD Meeting Day of Week

Vote for New Pool Tile selection by Monday – 4/20/2020

Currently there are 5 samples of tile which were recommended to us on a table in the picnic shelter. Please check them out and vote for your favorite.

Please make sure to observe ‘social distancing’ when you are at the Pool Shelter!

You can vote on your selection by sending Chuck Dickhut an e-mail to:

Check needs to let the pool contractor know the final selection by Monday 4/20/2020, so please vote soon and direct all questions to Chuck.

Four (4) Craneridge HOA Board positions opening! Candidates wanted!

There will be four (4) Craneridge HOA Board positions open to be elected during The ANNUAL MEETING which is TBD.

Any person seeking to run for a Director position at Craneridge Homeowners Association must: (1) be an owner and (2) be current on Assessments (i.e. – a Member in good standing). It doesn’t matter if you moved in last week, or if you have been here for 50 years. We appreciate a diverse set of opinions and experience, and from it make our community a better place. Also, if you have served in the past, please consider running again. Your experience is appreciated.

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors and getting involved in the community, please send an e-mail indication your interest to The Nomination Committee Chair:
David Spillman: 716-982-4334 |

In order to ensure that the candidates name is placed on the ballot that will be mailed to the Members within the May Newsletter, the Association must receive your Nomination no later than May 1, 2020.


The May 2020 Annual Meeting has been Postponed

The Annual Meeting originally scheduled for May has been postponed, with the hope of rescheduling in June 2020. We are closely monitoring how current health issues are evolving with regard to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and will reschedule the Annual Meeting as conditions allow.

Playground Closure

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and in accordance with governmental recommendations, we ask that residents respect the following guidelines for use of the playground area:

Anything that involves physically sharing equipment is closed until further notice.  For example:

    • Swings
    • Slide
    • Playground equipment
    • Sports equipment
    • etc.

Limited use of the parking lot and blacktop will be permitted if:

  • 6 foot spacing between people is respected
  • Children under of the age of 18 are supervised by an adult.

Please use common sense neighbors.  We are in the middle of a pandemic and need to fight the spread together.

If there are any questions, please contact a Board member or email the Board at:

Live where you play. Play where you live.