Architectural Committee

Chair: Jennifer Parsons
Phone: 592-0170
Members: Debbie Dietrich,  Paul Bartholomy,  Jim Belford & Adam Wichlacz

The Architectural Committee’s works to maintain the value of homes in Craneridge. It accomplishes this by ensuring that new homes and changes to existing homes fit the Craneridge architectural style.

Maintenance Committee

Chair: Adam Wichlacz
Phone: 716-725-1864
Members:  Ted Welch, Eric Twichell, Ron Krasnek, Gary Bingeman, Cheryl Spencer, Mo Spencer & Jim Belford
The Maintenance Committee ensures that Association property is kept in top condition. This committee, with the Board of Directors, decides which projects are undertaken each year. The Maintenance Committee also organizes a Craneridge Earth Day each spring and a fall work day which are opportunities for all members to get together and clean up our neighborhood and to work on improvement projects.

Social Committee

Co-Chairs: Leslie Hornung & Michael Korchynski
Phone: 716-261-8051

Members:  Kelly Campbell & TBD
The mission of the social committee is to bring the neighborhood together. We hope to host events that appeal to all of our neighbors that have lived here for several years or have just moved in. We love the Craneridge motto of “Live where you play, play where you live”.

Pool Committee

Co-Chairs: Amy Shaul (628-3642) & Marty Kemsley (592-4542)
Members:  Jackie Wells, Jen Parsons, Dave Spillman, Kelly Campbell

The members of the Pool Committee work hard during the summer season to ensure we have a safe place to swim and cool off. The pool is open daily, weather permitting, from late May to early September. The pool is operated under the jurisdiction of the Erie County Health Department. A life guard is on duty at all times and is fully trained and certified by the Red Cross.

The pool may also be reserved for a homeowner’s private use after normal hours. There is no charge for this except a lifeguard is required.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to pay for the lifeguard.

Woodlands Committee

Chairs: Jeff Randall
Phone: 716-913-6507
Members:  Cory Bowen, Alan Miano, & Kelly Campbell

The Woodlands Committee is charged with developing and implementing a plan, both long and short term, to manage the forest in which we live. During the 35+ years that Craneridge has existed, our forest environment has changed. The Board and Woodlands Committee explore ways to ensure that the natural environment we enjoy is preserved and enhanced for the current and future residents of Craneridge.

Finance Committee

Chair: Rich Barber
Phone: 913-9169
Members: Jeff Randall, Chuck Dickhut, Dennis Donner & Shannon Wichlacz

The Finance Committee ensures the fiscal stability of the Association. The committee meets this goal by creating both long and short-term financial plans. These plans are reviewed with the Board of Directors to formulate the activities of the Association and its committees for the following year. The Finance Committee also insures that the committee operates under accepted accounting procedures and oversee annual audits.

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Chuck Dickhut
Phone: 716-592-3571
Members: TBD

The Bylaws Committee is a sub-committee that was formed to review the Bylaws, suggest changes, and facilitate the updating process.  All suggestions made by this committee are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors before presentation and voting by the Association members.

Lighting Committee

Chair: Leslie Hornung
Members: Chuck Dickhut & Cory Bowen
Phone: 592-0170
The Lighting Committee is a sub-committee that was formed to address the aging gas lights in the neighbors. They will evaluate options and work with the Town of Concord to assure effective and aesthetically pleasing lighting for the future of Craneridge.

Communications Committee

Chair: Shannon Wichlacz
Phone: 432-4778
Members: Chuck Dickhut, Cory Bowen, Rich Barber, Ashley Jacobson & Rory Rinaldi

The Communications Committee is a sub-committee that was formed to facilitate consistent and open communication, to and from all community members, aimed towards community-wide goals. The goal of this committee is to facilitate communication between the Board of Directors and homeowners, which is a crucial part of a happy and successful community organization.

Welcoming Committee

Chair: Jan Freeman
Phone: 592-3923
Members: Marilyn Dickhut & Natalie Rinaldi

The purpose of the Craneridge Welcoming committee is to greet new residents soon after they move in and to give them a sense of the uniqueness of our community. The committee will answer any immediate questions and concerns they have, point them toward all sources of information about the community, and encourage them to contact members as additional needs arise. The committee will organize periodic new neighbor events.

Craneridge Association, Inc.
69 Hardwood Rd.,  Glenwood, New York 14069

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Live where you play. Play where you live.