Results of the votes to amend By-Laws

The Bylaws Committee is a sub-committee that was formed to review the Bylaws, suggest changes, and facilitate the updating process.  All suggestions made by this committee are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors before presentation and voting by the Association members.

The current by-law, Article XVI, Amendments; section 16.01 stipulates that 67% of lot owners need to approve any change.

There were two proposed amendment changes up for vote this year.  The first, Campers/ RV/ Boats which limited the storage of these vehicles during off season.  The second pertained to no new fences to be erected.

Less than half of the lot owners voted, so neither came close to a 67% “yes” to the proposals.  The votes results for proposal #1 was 40 in favor of the change, 42 against.  Proposal # 2 results were 39 in favor and 45 against the change.  

The Bylaw committee will continue to listen to the Community members’ thoughts and views on current bylaws and potential changes.