Brush pick up – May 30th

Craneridge HOA is having a brush pick up on Tuesday May 30 . We have hired Modern Tree Service to pick up and grind brush . Please, nothing larger than 8-10 inches in diameter or longer than 4 feet . Stack perpendicular to the street with butt ends facing out . NO construction debris , treated lumber or landscaping timbers will be picked up . In order to keep costs down we are going to dump the chips in several areas that need some fill . Any suggestions for dump sites are welcomed . If there is interest we can pile the chips in a central location for residents to use for landscaping . If you live on one of the shared drives the truck may not be able to navigate to your lot . If you think that this is the case, please pile your debris neatly on the paved roadside . Please don’t put any brush on the roadside until May 23 . If you have any questions or comments please contact Dave Harris