We want you for the Board!


It’s that time of year again where we are looking for volunteers to run for the Craneridge Board of Directors.  It can take as little as a couple hours a month, and in exchange you are able to represent your neighborhood and help drive the future of Craneridge.

We want a diverse Board to represent everyone in the community.  It doesn’t matter if you have lived here for 49 years or just moved in last week, everyone has an equal vote in shaping the neighborhood.

If you have served on the Board before, please consider running again.

If you have never served on the Board but are curious, please reach out to any current Board member with questions.  Or you can send an email to our general mailbox and someone will get back to you:  craneridgeassociationinc@gmail.com

If you are interested in running, please contact the Nominations Committee chairman Dave Harris at harris1955@roadrunner.com.