Water:  Water for Craneridge residents is supplied through a system of four community wells, which provide ample water supply for all families.  Water is managed through the Craneridge Maintenance Corporation (not related to the Craneridge Homeowners Association). The annual water fee is currently $618/year and is paid at the first of every year.  The fee is subject to a maximum 7.5% yearly increase.  There are no water meters on individual lots.  Residents use as much water as they need with some discretion on watering during dry years. To comply with New York regulations, water quality is rigorously tested and consistently exceeds New York State acceptable levels.

Gas:  Gas is provided by National Fuel.

Electricity:  Electricity is delivered through NYSEG with electricity supply available through NYSEG or you can select from a variety of Energy Services Companies (ENSCO).

Cable:  Television/entertainment and high-speed internet access are available in Craneridge through Spectrum.

Sewer: Craneridge is served by the local public sewer system.

Craneridge Association, Inc.
69 Hardwood Rd., Glenwood, New York 14069

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